New forge!! and electricity!

So been without power for a few days now due to the ice storm. I don’t think the generator is good for the computer so I haven’t been online. I also can’t use power tools in the garage because if the gennie’s going it’s too loud and stinky and if it isn’t there’s no POWER!!

Anyway, I’ve got my new forge done. Thanks to a couple friends, one of whom gave me the firebrick. And the other gave me the brake drum from his 1986 Toyota pick-up parts truck.

So the forge is made from a kitchen sink, haha. Lined with firebrick with a brake drum for the firepot. The blower is a hairdryer wired through a dimmer switch. I don’t know how long that will last but… I’m going to get 2″ black iron pipe for the air tubing and at that point I’ll shorten the wires for the blower, once I know where everything is going. I guess the brake drum is steel rather than cast iron ‘cuz I was able to weld the rods to it for the grate. I am going to fire it up tomorrow, now that we have power back!!

My upgraded forge

Forge top

Forge blower